Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Gift for Hawthorn

This week we have asked Hawthorn for little twigs an branches for adorning The Autumn Equinox wreath and also to dry out and make a wand with.  My little girl very much wanted to make a square dream catcher for Hawthorn as a thank you gift.  

My little girl loves the stories behind dream catchers.  Bad dreams are caught in the dream catching web until the first rays of light that come with the birdsong and the break of day that banishes the bad dreams keeping us safe from harm.  The glittering star in the centre is a gift to the fairies that live in and around Hawthorn.

The magical bit for me was listening to my little one chattering away to the tree and watching a spider unraveling her own web by a mossy part of the tree trunk.  My little one decorated the dream catcher with fallen twigs from around the garden.

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